Mega Thread 2022/23 Media Thread & Miscellaneous Freo Discussion

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Apr 26, 2011
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Wimbledon AFC
A good season will do that. For as much s**t as we give the other mob, we have a lot of fair weather supporters as well.
We have changed a lot in 10 years.
Just look at 3/4 time walkouts when we are losing.


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Oct 31, 2015
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Belly and Wallsy. You two beauts!

Kristen Bell Kiss GIF by Team Coco

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Oct 9, 2008
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I think the first two are ok, but any true, purple hearted member, should be more than willing to piss themselves and sit in that warm, squelching puddle until the last quarter finishes.
I haven't done that but I have crapped myself on more than one occasion during our games over the years!

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Oct 21, 2015
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Probably the wrong thread to ask on but anyone know where and when the next training session is at?


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Sep 27, 2018
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brisbane lions
why did we get rid of our aflw coach.
who out there were they thinking they could get

Wobbly Punt

All Australian
Feb 24, 2020
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Captain talk
Thanks as always Dale, love your work.

So this clown has made a non-story out of old quotes and older content which is already very well understood. I know this time of year is light on for gear to write about but the cynic in me suggests Quarterbrain is vastly over rating his influence and looking to stir up some manure in a Captain Call Controversy down the track. Not one iota of that was new info nor did it contain additional analysis or opinion.

It actually shows the lack of thought and real insight so many of these operators have, especially in to our club. It's like I was asked to write an article about the Eagles that wasn't negative.

I'd back at least 15 posters on here to come up with something interesting as filler content of that length and the best QBrain can do is "Brayshaw might be the next Captain, or it might be Caleb, or perhaps Alex, or maybe even Fyfe too...oh and Andy runs 100 100's with his family every year and is quite fit".

In the 5mins it took me to post this I came up with the following list of Freo themed things that might be of more interest that wouldn't need a source to verify or an interview with the subject;
  • what could the Freo midfield mix look like next year,
  • what could the Freo forwardline mix look like next year,
  • Freo's young young corp underneath the current mid crop looks promising, who's going to bust in to the team first,
  • does Jackson replace Lobb or do Freo use him more evenly around the ground.

His Eagle bent head could even take a couple of veiled swipes in some of those.

And I got that list together that whilst writing this. It really shows the lack of insight and thought about our Club he has. He'd be able to fill 3 pages of less fluffy gear if the blue and yellow page needed a balance. Idiot.


Community Leader
Jul 16, 2009
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Fremantle Docker Fan Poll Picks New Skipper For Rising Dockers
Taylor Black

According to Fremantle Docker supporters polled on social media the time has come for the passing of the torch from three time Doig Medalist and dual Brownlow Medalist Nathan Fyfe, who has held the position of Captain since 2017 where he took over from one year skipper David Mundy. The twitter poll conducted by Docker devotee Chris Read (@Ready1976) received almost five hundred responses, choosing between the four options of existing captain Fyfe, reigning AFLPA MVP and All-Australian Andrew Brayshaw, 2020 Rising Star Caleb Serong and the Dockers stand in captain for most of 2022 Alex Pearce.

Leading the poll was Andrew Brayshaw, seen as the young leader of Fremantle's new generation and an already emerged star of the competition. Fans are hoping that crowning Brayshaw captain will mark the dawn of a new golden era of success with the former #2 draft pick signed long term and already leading the culture at the Dockers.

Over a quarter of supporters believe Fyfe should still lead the club into the 2023 season, having seen the club through the rebuilding years where the likes of Brayshaw and Serong were drafted, suggesting the triple All Australian had earned the right to lead the charge towards Fremantle's first flag. Playing just seven games in a season hobbled by injury, and just the twenty two across the last two seasons supporters are hopeful of Fyfe finding the superstar form believing that allowing the out of contract midfielder to focus on his football without the burden of leadership.

blah blah blah
photos of Fyfe looking ripped
Caleb Serong already being captain in spirit
blah blah blah

These things aren't hard to write.

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