Prediction 2022 Best 22 - Where will we be in three years?


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Oct 20, 2014
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Not going to lie a few of my fan fics involve a mature Josh schache returning to the lions to lead us to a fourth consecutive premiership. Leppa and bewick are involved in some way.

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Mar 13, 2013
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Here is where I'm thinking at the moment :
B : Answerth ? Gardner
HB : Witherden Andrews Bailey
C : McLuggage Neale ?
HF : Cameron Hipwood Wooller
FF : Rayner McStay Zorko
R : McInerney E Smith Berry
INT : Rich Ballenden Lyons T Berry
Others around the mark : Fullarton McFadyen Starcevich Joyce McCarthy Cox

Full back will be between Adams (if he ever gets fit) and Payne, Wing could be T Berry, Joyce or Cox .... or play Starc at HBF and move Bailey to a wing.


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Apr 17, 2009
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Have tried to pick a team of players already playing (ie not untried draft picks). Mainly to show our current team will be still a good age bracket in 3 years time. ages in 2022 listed.

Fb: Gardiner 27, Andrews 26, bailey 23
Hb: Rich 32, witherden 24, answerth 23
Mid: Berry 24, Neale 29, mccluggage 24
Hf: Mccarthy 28, hipwood 25, zorko 33
Ff: Cameron 28, mcstay 27, Rayner 23
Fol: mcinerney 28, Lyons 30, Mathieson 25
Int: Alison 24, Taylor 27, Robertson 27, ballenden 23

Obviously over 3 off seasons you’d expect to find 6-10 new players in the team. And there’s a bunch of kids not picked like Smith, Wooler, T Berry who we haven’t seen yet. Put ballenden on the bench as a Mr Fix It tall player who could go forward/back/ruck depending on match ups.

As stated picked this to show we have a whole lot of upside as the team above grows from being mainly 20-24 year olds at the moment to mainly 24-27yo’s by then. Even someone like Mathieson who feels like he’s been around a long time is only 22 atm.
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