Prediction 2022 captain - It's Jack

Who do you want as captain in 2022

  • Jack Ziebell

    Votes: 55 35.3%
  • Luke McDonald

    Votes: 14 9.0%
  • Jy Simpkin

    Votes: 81 51.9%
  • Other

    Votes: 6 3.8%

  • Total voters

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Team Captain
Jan 1, 2019
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Well done Jack, a great leader for our club even if during a period lacking success.

How good is the Larkey kangaroo mural in the gym in that video. Muscled up and arrogant as fk, swole I think the kids say ..

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Brownlow Medallist
Sep 24, 2007
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Other Teams
Congratulations to Jack.

Happy for Jack to stay on for 2022, let's keep the ship steady for this year and to hand over the reins next year to coincide with us moving to being a team that's starting to push for success.

Masked Avenger

All Australian
Nov 25, 2014
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Congrats to Jack et al. Still wonder if we're stretching the handover a tad longer than optimum but don't begrudge Jack the position, a ripper guy.

Funny how Goldie has never found himself near the leadership group.
I agree on Goldstein. The other three guys missing who also definitely lead from the front when they play are Zurhaar, Anderson and McKay. Off field is important but no substitute for what's done on the field.