MVP 2022 Doig Medal Count - Sat 01/10 @ 1830 AWST

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Kath Loughnan 😍

Excited Schitts Creek GIF by CBC

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Who's everyone's predictions for 3rd (think brayshaw and brodie are a lock for 1 and 2)?
Might be an idea to include the day and time somehwere
Caleb Serong will come home strong.

Jordy Clark will do OK. He actually polled pretty regularly in the Coaches awards -- a fair few 1 and 2 votes.

Lobb will poll v.heavy in some games
Expect Brayshaw to win.

But order of a top 10 really difficult. Ryan, Pearce, Cox, Brodie, Serong, Young probably 2-7. Mundy, Aish probably up there, too. Forwards are more difficult, nobody has been really consistent.

Chapman for Beacon.

Best clubman: Who knows, a bit of an inside job probably. Banfield perhaps? Or Schultz, Walters, Mundy again...

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Andy from Caleb & Will. Lobb & Schultz a chance for top 5 but Cox more likely, definitely top 10 material though. Mundy clubman, Drizz for Beacon. Caleb player of finals.

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