List Mgmt. 2022 Draft Thread aka: Father Son watch.

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Nov 28, 2015
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Brisbane Lions
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NUFC, Philadelphia 76'ers
Can't wring blood out of stone mate, 200 points is better than 0.

Didn't know the thing about excess points. Are you sure, if fletch wasn't in the draft then what happens? Doesn't sound logical. I posted the below in the Hypothetical trades thread

So in below calcs, pick 46 has to be included in Ashcroft bid just for its extra 50 pts. If that didn't become residual pick, it is an odd quirk. If Flecth wasn't there, will that pick 50 remain set in stone and not move based on FS bid matches?

Redid my calc based on Lions trading only 36(+ F3) to Hawks & gaining pick 40 from Roos for another F3(Melb) and giving back 55 - diff of 200 pts(pick 54) btw 40 & 55

36(502pts) + F3 <-> 46,52,56 ( 771 pts) - could be 59 instead of 56 based on if its F3(WB) or F3(lions)

Lions start with 34,35,38,40,46,52,56

If Will gets bid on at pick 2, Lions need 2104 pts.
34,35,38,40,46 = 2389 pts & lions get pick 50(285pts diff) back

They hold 50,52,56 and these picks move 4 spots up ( 5 for vanished picks - 1 for Lions getting into the draft order)
So its 46,48,52 = 879 pts

Fletcher can be bid from pick 15 onwards and Lions will be fine, no need to go into points deficit. If GWS bid at Pick 1, then Lions need to find an extra 400 points or go into deficit or hope then Fletch gets bid on even later.



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Nov 6, 2022
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Ok lets pull that thread. Imagine fletch isn't in Draft. In the scenario I have given, after Ashcroft's bid pick, pick 46 is left with some 285+ point that equates to pick 50.

When Davey bid is matched Dons lose their 2 picks in 40's( assume they have 2). Does pick 50 move up or does it stay in same spot? Can Lions draft with pick 50? ( or 49/48 if it moves up)

What I have heard is that if points are exhausted then, they move to end of draft and lions can use those picks if needed.
Isn’t this the case only when matching a first round bid with a singular pick only ? When matching with multiple picks, you still get the residual pick back ?
Yep, only when points are exhausted does the pick move to end. If not, you get a pick matching points and can pick using it. It is same as any other picks

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Oct 18, 2017
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Brisbane Lions
I feel happy for this guy. Normally McLachlan does the first two rounds and then he comes on and looks like a sad and bewildered bloke, now he has made the big time.

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