List Mgmt. 2022 Draft Thread aka: Father Son watch.

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Comeback Lions

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Jul 2, 2017
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Brisbane Lions
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Sydney Uni Flames
Allies v Vic Metro, Rooty Hill.
A very enjoyable game that the Vics won by 16 pts. There are game reports elsewhere, so just a few comments on the players that impressed me.

Will Ashcroft.He wins contested footy over and over again and gets to contests. Hardly came off the ball in the first quarter and a half and 2 2nd quarter centre clearances both led to goals. Is evasive and seems hard to tackle and drew lots of frees. Has very quick hands and mainly distributes by hand. Seems slow to move the ball when kicking over marks, but that might be team instructions. Probably the best player out there.

Shadeau Brain Played as a medium(?) forward and was impressive. Hard at it, took a number of contested marks and kicked a tough goal from the pocket. Another one was touched going through. Has strength, speed and agility. He really impressed me and made the most of his opportunities.

Lloyd Johnson From NT academy. Took some lovely intercept marks and has real speed coming out of the backline. Athletic ability, he looks to be a player with upside.

Cam McKenzie A vic midfielder with speed out of the stoppages, he was everywhere and linked up well, often getting on the end of Ashcroft’s handballs. Has the sort of line breaking speed we could use.

Blake Drury Like McKenzie, his speed was impressive, though he is smaller but hard at it.

For the Allies, both Angus Anderson, Swans, and Luke Lawrence, Giants, were strong in the midfield and kicked goals.

I looked for Joshua Cooper who played in the backs, but didn’t particularly notice him today.

Happy to answer questions. Certainly hope we can pick up Ashcroft come draft time.


Norm Smith Medallist
Oct 16, 2003
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
We better ask the question to him, in regards to coming back to QLD and become our next CEO if that’s the case.

This sort of talk is just crazy talk. That ship has sailed and bon débarras to Noble. He chose his path and it will unlikely lead back to the Lions. Swannie has done a great job and he has a few more years to come.
Should Swann decide to move on, it would be negligent of the club not to explore options internally within the club and external expressions and appoint the best candidate. As romantic as it seems taking your ex back is never a good idea. Never seems to end well.


Brownlow Medallist
Aug 17, 2009
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Brisbane Lions
Wonder if we'll start hearing more North priority pick discussion in the media now. Would probably help speed along Ashcroft's nomination.


Norm Smith Medallist
Dec 11, 2010
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Wonder if we'll start hearing more North priority pick discussion in the media now. Would probably help speed along Ashcroft's nomination.

Extremely unlikely the pre draft priority pick comes back. If they do get one it'll be mid first round at best or more likely end of first round

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M Malice

Brownlow Medallist
Aug 31, 2015
By the Gabba.
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Brisbane Lions
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Valleys. Chelsea.
Rookieme central notes on the latest game:D:brisbane: >

Scouting Notes: 2022 AFL U18s - Allies vs. Vic Metro

#4 Shadeau Brain (Lions Academy/Queensland)

An athletic and hard-at-it forward, Brain took the game on with his tenacity at the ball and dare when moving forward. Brain showed off his athleticism whenever the opportunity presented itself; whether it was a high leaping contested mark, burning opponents in a foot race, or with a smart sidestep through traffic, he backed himself to take on opponents and kept the ball moving forward. Brain was rewarded for his consistent efforts with a goal from the boundary line after a high leaping mark, finishing with a nice drop punt.

#10 Will Ashcroft (Sandringham Dragons)

It comes as no surprise that after consistently stepping up to the occasion every time he’s taken the field this year, Ashcroft finished the day as best on ground. The potential Brisbane father-son prospect has just continued to deliver all season, and somehow is still finding ways to improve. Ashcroft did his usual thing, acting as a dominant stoppage player with his positioning and timing of his runs, using the ball well in-close by hand, managing to get them free if he was caught. Ashcroft gradually won more and more of the ball in open play as the game went on, working well off the ball to get into positions to be the best option for his teammates, and following up with clean ball use himself. Ashcroft managed to draw in a high number of high contact free kicks through the game as he consistently got the footy before anyone else which gave him more opportunities to deliver the ball forward under no pressure.

Nathan Barley

Club Legend
May 3, 2015
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Brisbane Lions
Sounds like Brain is quite the athlete. Maybe a well timed injury just before the combine might help him to slide to one of our picks


Wannabe Draft Nuffie
Nov 28, 2015
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Brisbane Lions
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NUFC, Philadelphia 76'ers
Because he is injured, wasn’t picked or because we are trying our best to hide him from glaring eyes?
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