World Cup 2022 FIFA World Cup - Group H - (Portugal, Ghana, Uruguay, South Korea)

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I am obviously biased but couldn't happen to a more deserving player.

Enjoy international retirement mate xoxo
Uruguay and Germany out for the two Asian teams, who could have predicted that SM

This is the second time you've tagged me to brag about something I have no idea about.

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Not sure why he’s bragging considering Fernandes is close to player of the tournament.

I'm also reasonably sure I've never said the Asian teams would all do s**t, but if I did I'd at least expect him to quote it so I can see what I said.

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See if you'd actually engaged me at the time you might have understood what I was saying, instead now you won't believe what I meant and instead will take pot shots as you always do. Shame.
Gimenez, Cavani, Muslera, Godin and the Uruguayan FA all disciplinary action following their behaviour after the final whistle against Ghana.

But have to laugh Ian Wright calling Cavani a horrible guy. When Wright was a player he was regularly in front of the FA's disciplinary panel for offences including spitting at fans and trashing a referee's dressing room.


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