2nds 2022 Lions Reserves and VFL thread

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Apr 4, 2015
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Brisbane Lions
Plus we should stop wasting time playing him in the midfield in the VFL and give others a go
He looked up at one stage ,saw 2 Pies players and still kicked it straight to them . 41 touches I know but...

Not getting carried away but Lohmann looks to have some special qualities.

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Nov 28, 2015
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I think they already are don't you? How many possessions did he get the other week?
If Lyons is out this week and he doesn’t get picked.
Then his cards are definitely marked.
Still contracted for another year.

I genuinely had a wtf moment when we announced that Matho had re-signed for two more years, last season.

He must be on minimum wage, and like Lester, be in the team as squad depth to help the reserves develop.


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Mar 15, 2008
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Brisbane Lions
Watch about 75% of the game. We had 5 or 6 experienced players, Matho, Forte in the best. Lester and AhChee solid. dont have a great knowledge of the Pies list, but they appeared much more inexperienced. also there was at least 5 Lions players much taller than any of the Pies players.

Lester and Forte could come into the firsts and adequately fill in for injured players but wouldn’t improved the side overall. AhChee didn’t demand a call up. Matho continues to throw the bell on the boot even when he has the opportunity to break clear or take time to deliver the ball. Didn’t see a great handball either. The positive, these guys can provide a structure for younger players to develop.

of the guys who might improve and add something to the first;
Sharp I disagree with the posters who didn’t like his game. I thought there was improvement. He was using his pace to greater effect getting to contests and breaking into space with the ball. Not saying he demanded promotion, but he looked the most likely.
Lohman makes things happen. not back to preinjury form, didn’t seem to have the same break away speed, but a good game for a half forward.
‘Fullerton continues his development. i think he had 10 shots on goal. He played the position of a key forward but really looks a third forward, took marks on the lead and gathered the ball on the ground. Uses it pretty well, with the exception of goal kicking.
Prior had a mare. Won’t be called up on that performance.
Wilmont stalled.
Michael seems in front of him
Madden learning to play wing half forward.

KLane love this guy but a long way off.
HSmith best I have seen him play much more mobile around the ground. Even got off the ground in marking and ruck contests. May make a forward/runck in two years time.

interesting Abberley and Triffent preformed as well or better than a number of listed players.


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Aug 9, 2013
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Brisbane Lions
Still contracted for another year.

I genuinely had a wtf moment when we announced that Matho had re-signed for two more years, last season.

He must be on minimum wage, and like Lester, be in the team as squad depth to help the reserves develop.

Bingo. Pretty much there to play VFL. Although his form has been very, very good at that level so wouldn't be surprised to see him given a crack on the off chance it converts to AFL level.
Jun 24, 2022
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Brisbane Lions
Do we have the money for that? Because if not, we'll have to identify who else can teach those skills well. There will be someone out there who isn't yet valued as highly who can do the job well.
Great question.

We can fantasize about success or actually do something that is tangible to achieve it.What price as a supporter and club are we prepared to pay in achieving our ultimate aim.Just like list management of our players, the lions no doubt ( just like Melbourne did) can find a way to squeeze him in. Choco despite everything that has been said,brings an awesome understanding of the game not many can claim or have experienced. He was an AFL premiership coach and with that has a wealth of experience both personally and professionally and is highly regarded at Melbourne. To quote you Do we have the money ? I could say the same thing when Melbourne poached a senior lions medical staff Selwyn Griffith, do we have the money? . They found a way, so should we if we want to take a decisive step towards winning a premiership. I will point out this is only one part of the equation,staffing at the lions being one,the other is player list management. Michael Whiting states it so well.

Wouldn’t it be ironic, that the coach that killed brisbane lions chance at a 4th premiership ends up helping the lions to their next Premiership.What a headline that would be on the afl website and papers.

Lest we forget.

Quote by
Michael Whiting

‘A MAJOR piece of @brisbanelions’ brilliant medical team is headed to @melbournefc. Big loss for the Lions. So stoked for Selwyn (Selwyn Griffith ) who is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet’

We owe Melbourne one. Choco with all his roles brings a hell of a lot to Brisbane. Bottom line we can find a way and we should.
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Mar 18, 2021
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Brisbane Lions
I am not sure what we have to offer the Brisbane Bears legend considering the competition for his services that would exist across the comp particularly in Vic. Agree with raiding other clubs off field staff though.

M Malice

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Aug 31, 2015
By the Gabba.
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Cockatoo has been a massive disappointment. It looks like he is just going through the motions and having no impact at all at reserves level. I wouldn’t be surprised if he pulls the pin at the end of the season, which would be such a waste of talent.
He is just not fit enough which is understandable with all the injuries he has had over his career, it looks like he has finally got his body right. Needs to get through the rest of the season uninjured and then have a massive off season... run run run Nakia, then see what he has to offer next year, if he wants it enough he can do it IMO.

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