2nds 2022 Lions Reserves and VFL thread

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Pride of lions

Nov 21, 2015
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
He is just not fit enough which is understandable with all the injuries he has had over his career, it looks like he has finally got his body right. Needs to get through the rest of the season uninjured and then have a massive off season... run run run Nakia, then see what he has to offer next year, if he wants it enough he can do it IMO.
I agree,I’m just not sure that he does want it enough. Hopefully he does.


Premiership Player
Jul 15, 2012
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Brisbane Lions
Other Teams
There are other teams?
Just my opinion….

AFL ready if needed now: Ah Chee, Fort, Lester, Matho - they all have at least some runs on the board.

AFL Capable this season if called upon: Lohmann, Madden, Cockatoo, Fullarton, Prior, Sharp - all have had some exposure with varying degrees of success.

AFL potential next year: Michael, Lane, Wilmot, Tunstill (had a taste)

AFL two years away if at all: HSmith, BColeman

Unlikely: ESmith, Uosis, McFadyen

Worth considering as a late draft/rookie pick if there is list space: Arnold, Triffett - I have liked what these two have shown. Abberley is probably behind them.

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Norm Smith Medallist
Dec 6, 2009
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
Cockatoo has been a massive disappointment. It looks like he is just going through the motions and having no impact at all at reserves level. I wouldn’t be surprised if he pulls the pin at the end of the season, which would be such a waste of talent.

Was thinking this myself.
He just seems to idle around up and down the middle of the ground no intensity and doesn’t seem to find the right position. Is it just me or does he just not impact play because he’s always in the wrong spot?

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The Lions...roaring into 2022
Jul 7, 2017
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
I didnt see the game but just looking at the stats I notice the Magpies had a Noah Bradshaw playing for them. The same name as Daniels son. Anyone know if it was he or just a coincidence?

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