Toast 2022 Nailed It ! - That'll do, pig That'll do

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Team Captain
May 16, 2017
AFL Club
As I looked over my team in despair deciding which spud must go next, I thought maybe it’s time to start looking at some positives. For the first year ever, I’m not disgusted by any of my midfielders. I’m not looking at some hot piece of ass who’s underdelivering (why do I always start Josh Kelly) and instead a bunch of handsome young men simply getting the job done. Probably a nailed it that a lot of people have now but having the perfect top 8 on average just feels amazing (counting Hewett because I need these wins). Now all of you with Steele out are going to jump onto my Mills and Laird and ruin them, but until that happens, I am satisfied with my little victory.


Still ranked very low though because the rest of my team is filled with shittrucks.

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No eye deer

Club Legend
Feb 11, 2012
The Top End
AFL Club
Go you good things!
Plus traded Martin to Brodie Smith, who will hopefully get DPP and take Paddy’s spot in my fwds.

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