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Sep 6, 2005
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Are the Seachickens now one of your ∞ teams?
I like the Seahawks, Lions, Bear, Vikings, Cowboys, Cardinals, Panthers, Packers, Commanders....probably in that order....but they are not the teams I support with a lifelong passion. Those teams are (Steelers+Dolphins, plus Texans, Jaguars, Buccaneers). Raiders reserve a soft spot for, but don't care about anymore. Every other team not mentioned I don't have any feelings for, but respect their history.'s just odd that I can't access a thread, been barred from or something, and must've only happened recently, but I noticed it today when I went to post some Seahawks news in there. Just my usual thing, contributing to the board is the main reason.


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Mar 10, 2007
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Houston Roughnecks
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Don't be surprised if ... the Panthers sneak into the playoffs.

What I'm hearing: The addition of Baker Mayfield, the Panthers believe, makes them viable on offense. They like their receivers. They love Christian McCaffrey if they can keep him on the field. They believe they have a playoff-caliber defense.

If Mayfield, who played through shoulder and foot injuries in Cleveland last year, can move around enough to overcome the present concerns about pass protection, he should push the ball downfield in Ben McAdoo's offense. There are enough questions about the Bucs and Saints and, honestly, the rest of the NFC field that it's not impossible to see Carolina sneaking into a seven-team playoff field as one of the year's inevitable surprises


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Oct 18, 2013
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Carolina Panthers. Zach Wilson.
Just quietly McAdoo has really impressed me with what ive seen and heard from him so far. Easily the best coach to listen to at the podium (massive surprise to me)... apparently when he got sacked from the Giants he did some courses on how to handle the media and communicate with people/coaches/players better. Gotta tip my cap to anyone who admits their faults and is willing to work on them. He's also actually been a more than decent offensive coordinator in the NFL, I think something that is missed and nobody gives him credit for because of how s**t a head coach he was with the Giants. (myself included when we hired him)

Hopefully McAdoo's NFL play calling makes a difference. Apparently his playbook is as thick as a telephone book which is a nice change from Joe Brady's which was one sheet of A4. Hard for the players to learn but harder for defenses to game plan against.
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Sep 4, 2003
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If i do a search in this board for the thread it also doesnt show up, like it doesnt exist whatsoever for me. But i can post in it.

Have i been thread "banned"(thread ignored) from it?
I can’t see any problems with it.
I’m going to try and ban and the unban you to see if it fixes it

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