Banter 2022 Off-Topic Chat Thread - PART I - yeah its early but youz'll get over it

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Jan 26, 2009
Cheat Park
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Everton, Cardinals
restaurant stephen stotch GIF by South Park

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Feb 14, 2021
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Sturt, Toronto Raptors, Chelsea FC
I don’t know who this is but how dare the awful rapper desecrate such a beautiful image.


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Jun 21, 2011
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After a break for a few hours, let's see if emotions have cooled upon the thread reopening

And just as a reminder that this is an off-topic that, BUT that doesn't mean the thread is exempt from the standard Big Footy rules or terms & conditions we all agreed to when signing up

- Personal attacks will not be tolerated; they have no place on Big Footy, regardless of the thread

- Off-topic doesn't mean all subjects need to be discussed within this thread, especially if there's more suitable places for discussion around the Big Footy traps. Pretty sure we've all had the chance to gauge the responses or reception that various topics received when they are broached... So if you post in a manner designed to rile your fellow posters, where you are baiting or fishing for a response, don't cry foul when you are met with an unwanted response or action taken - that goes for all threads, so don't be surprised it's no different here

- We all have different reasons for having joined Big Footy; for some it's to discuss all things football, whether that's just related to Geelong or beyond to include the league, other teams and all things AFL etc. For others it's a place to come and chat about random things, post still images of movies or discuss what's been happening on Love Island, and just escape from the sh*t we've been dealing with for the last couple of years

And for those wondering where they can find the terms & conditions that we've all agreed to when we created our accounts, they can be found here -

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Brownlow Medallist
Aug 18, 2018
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Brought the boyz 🐶🐶.a new kennel today .
Was totally surprised it had wheels .
I hope they will sleep in it.

Beach yesterday breamlea totally untouched part of the surf coast.
I just gave away our dogs kennel for free. I'm not sure why I was ever foolish enough to think he was going to sleep anywhere but inside.
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