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Aug 21, 2012
AFL Club
North Melbourne
The time has come around again to launch the player sponsorship program (for the men). For those that have been involved you know the drill, for those that are new to this it is a great way to get involved and support the team.

Having emerged from the heights of Covid lockdowns with a bit of luck this year should go through without a hitch. The bonus (if you do get involved) is we should get some extra prizes that we may have missed over the last two compromised seasons.

As usual participants will get Big Footy membership. Gold if you contribute $50 and platinum if you go in for $100 which has the added bonus of getting you Big Footy free from advertising.

There will of course be give aways throughout the season including the season launch, signed jumpers, Syd Barker tickets and more, which you can enter the draw for and are a lot of fun.

Last year we supported Taylor Garner and Flynn Perez. That was a bronze and silver tier player, I will set the goal at the same level and see how we go. I have faith in all you good folks that we can hit the mark. I will aim to stick with Flynn and hopefully we get to see him on the park, we will get another player to replace Garn’s which isn’t locked in yet.

An added bonus is the club has given us a discount for sticking with them through the compromised seasons!

Pledge away!! and if you’re really cool 😎 there’s still time to get onboard with supporting the girls in the AFLW version 😊

Total $2220 Goal $4020

Luke72 $120
Gorman2geister $50
Kanga Glory $100
Giantroo $50
Quivorir $100
Ligma $50
Muttley45 $50

Groucho $100
Kanga1996 $50
Hsquid $50
Gokangas $50
Ferball $100
Filth Wizard $100
Lomas $100
RobZombie $100
Fusion $50

Sopwiths $100
Twinkletoes $100
Tas $100
See See $100
Duckey $50
Cookiemon $50
Krakouer85 $100
DarkPhoenix $50
Quiv Snr $50
Ianl $50
Horace $50

Devo $100
WolvesRoos $50
Joe Coburg $50
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