VFL 2022 Reserves

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Sep 14, 2020
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You didn’t see MacDonald last night?

11-31 the free kick count btw.
No I saw him and if you look at an earlier post of mine, I really rate him. He's already there, in the side on his own right, not waiting for anyone to retire or be injured. When Buddy retires, he will take the mantle as our number one key forward, without a shadow of doubt.

Amartey however will take Buddy's place in the overall 22 though is where I'm getting at.

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hairy biker

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Sep 24, 2014
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Just finished my late night viewing of the game.

Coaches votes;
Coburg 13.7 (85) lost to Sydney 17.13 (115)
Joel Amartey (Syd)
5 Lewis Taylor (Syd)
4 Robbie Fox (Syd)
3 Ryan Clarke (Syd)
3 Flynn Gentile (Cob)
2 Peter McEvoy (Cob)
2 Matthew Roberts (Syd)
1 Sam Reid (Syd)
1 Dylan Stephens (Syd)

So Amartey obviously 5-4 which means Taylor 5 votes and Fox 4 votes, but no votes from the other coach and similarly no overlap in the 3-2-1.

FWIW my observations;
I actually thought Reid was our best fwd with his goalkicking (which I do acknowledge is a fairly important part of a fwd's craft) letting him down.
Amartey had short spells in the 2nd and 4th qtrs in the ruck and he has an excellent vertical leap, but his bodywork needs a lot of work.
Pleased to see McAndrew given plenty of opportunity, particularly 1st half, with Sinclair doing most of the ruck work 2nd half.
McAndrew's contract is up at the end of the season I'd be very surprised if he's not at the club next year. Work in progress, but signs there.
Kicked a goal from over 40 metres after the siren in the 1st qtr, more helicopter than Lockett, but still got there.

I thought Melican had a decent game.
Gould poor first half, with the same bad habits surfacing (poor reading of the play, losing his footing and his man), but better 2nd half.
I like Fox as a player. Smart, composed, with a bit of toe and aggression and handy in the air (even putting the mark to one side). I'd certainly have him in the firsts ahead of COR.
BOC OK, but IMO not sure if he'll have a contract for next year.
Sheather played back, but without really making a case for elevation to the seniors.
Rankin OK, but needs to get more of the ball and for a guy who was talked about for his kicking he does kick a few floaters.

As indeed does Dylan Stephens. Again spent much of the game inside and got plenty of the ball, but disposal by foot still an issue. His perceived lack of physicality has been mentioned, no problems in that regard this game or indeed this season. Watching the reserves I have been surprised by his lack of top end speed. But decent outing.
I like Corey Wagner, but only 12 disposals playing mainly on the wing. Looks good when he has it, needs more of it. Noticeable he started fwd in this game.
No problems with Roberts getting the ball and I thought his disposal by foot was much better this game.
Clarke and Taylor to their credit again did what they do at this level. And similar credit to Reid and Sinclair, they know their opportunities are, at best, limited, but no dropping of the head, willing to chase, tackle and do the hard yards, when they could bludge their way into retirement with a decent paycheck.
I thought our top up in Nic Shipley was one of our best 1st half. 23yo next month so his time might have passed, but he's generally contributed in the games I've watched, and perhaps potentially a rookie pick up next season.
Ronke picked up a bit of the ball moving between the fwds and the mids, but his game, IMO, didn't say pick me.
McLean deep fwd, kicked a couple, but similarly really didn't put his hand up for a return to the firsts.

We kicked 4 goals in the first 7 minutes of the game and basically maintained a 4-5 goal margin throughout.
I'm obviously at odds with the coaches votes but I don't think we had a standout player or arguably a 4 qtr performance from anyone.
Fox is the only player I'd be bringing in from the reserves (for COR).

Almost forgot.
The commentator gave me the shits, constantly calling Adam Gulden, 'Golden'.
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Nool Carpenna

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Jul 9, 2014
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Thanks again hairy biker

Shipley always looked really classy in his first year at GWS when we seemed to play them every 2nd week in the NEAFL and trials etc.
I’d love Fox to get a run in the middle in the ones. Always got a sh*tload of the ball when played there in the 2nds, powerful and quick from a standing start and loves getting his hands dirty. Probably never happen but he would be a really good stopgap as that beasty mid until we find a more permanent replacement, and that we are missing right now imo


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Mar 7, 2011
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Taking a strategic late lunch to catch the first quarter or so.

Bell playing, haven't seen COR or Fox yet so one is sub tonight. Thought Stephens was an emergency but has Fox now, so maybe I read wrong.

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All Australian
Oct 17, 2016
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Got there for the 2nd quarter. Sunny afternoon and a nice atmosphere watching from the boundary.

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