Autopsy 2022 Round 16 - GWS Giants vs Hawthorn, Sunday 3 July, 3.20 pm @ Giants Stadium

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*en hell!! It’s meant to be half that the day before and today also. And giants stadium is usually already soft and cow paddocky enough.
Doesn't help VFL game on at 11:35am, I'm all for a curtain raiser but when they predicted so much rain for this weekend maybe they should've moved the VFL game to Blacktown

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Thought Riccardi was a bit stiff to be dropped this week tbh, he's played decent footy the past month and although he was very quiet most of the game outside of the 4th quarter thought he's put in enough good work to warrant not getting dropped straight away. Might also be a weather related decision to not play the extra tall.
Except we kept Keeffe and Haynes, so I think he was just dropped.
Weird choice to use Haynes as a forward rather then Riccardi right? Unless they plan on using Haynes as a defensie forward but in todays conditions I'm not sure that type of player is going to be needed to negate intercepting and distribution from someone like Sicily.
Considering the extremely heavy ground and the history of soft tissue injuries at the Giants, I wouldn't be at all surprised if a number of players suffer calf or hamstring injuries.

Hope not, but the club's conditioning of players is notoriously poor.

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Always worried about playing against the Hawks... Who ever makes the most of opportunities wins the games. Nothing pretty. TFG to kick 4 out of Giants 10 goals
O'Halloran hasn't come along after some good games last year - makes some really bad decisions.

Giants just need to get the ball forward. Sometimes trying to pick it up off the ground or handballing as if it's perfect conditions isn't going to work today.

Someone needs to check the country's Grippo supply - I think Hogan might have stocked up. His marking is sensational.

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