Autopsy 2022 Round 16 - GWS Giants vs Hawthorn, Sunday 3 July, 3.20 pm @ Giants Stadium

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  • Orange crush

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    Aug 12, 2017
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    The Jon Patton-Tom Scully two teams one cup CUP

    Both teams are coming off a loss so both will be keen to have a win – or keen to get a better draft pick.

    After a couple of soft wins, the Giants are back to where they were under Leon … playing shithouse. The Hawks can play some high-intensity footy, but generally only a quarter or 2 each game. So, this has the makings of a s**t game.

    Date and Time: Sun Jul 3, 3rd July, GIANTS Stadium

    Compare the Spuds:


    Ranked 2nd for Tackles per game
    Ranked 7th for Clearances per game
    Ranked 7th for Disposals per game


    Ranked 10th for Tackles per game
    Ranked 17th for Clearances per game
    Ranked 15th for Disposals per game

    Past Contests:

    2021 R15 GWS 11.6 (72) defeated by Hawks 13.12 (90)

    2021 R5 GWS 13.5 (83) defeated Hawks 7.7. (49)

    2019 R21 GWS 4.5 (29) defeated by Hawks 13.7 (85)

    What to look for:

    Dylan Moore
    He looks an absolute gun, but seems to run out of gas in the 2nd half of games …. Need to put someone on him.

    Mitchell (Hodgy) Lewis
    Making waves in 2022 … attacks the ball and kicks well … be a handful for Slammer.

    Ned Reeves
    We got belted by Darcy Cameron … we need a ruck man back or this could get ugly

    The Match Ups

    Hawks are young and rely on Mitchell, so we should dominate here …. Just get the ball forward … dirty ball if necessary to stop Sicily from taking 50 marks.

    Do we have a ruck this week?

    Davis back helps, but Haynes is looking well out of form. Need a lift down back as things seem to have gone awry defensively the last few weeks.

    Jesse looking better each week … more mobile and taking marks. Riccardi and Loyd offer solid support, but the small forward position is worrisome … oh, for Dylan Moore

    1. No long bombs to the forward line
    2. Mids to get it forward no matter what
    3. Take it on …. If we can’t defend … then we need to score heavily

    This is a game we should win …. but the Hawks are a bit of a bogey team and I’m not confident. Giants by 3 goals
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  • Giant Strides

    Nov 23, 2015
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    Gameday ... and the two teams are heading to the Giants Stadium Swimming pool for a water polo match. Unfortunately, this game is unlikely to reach any great crowd numbers or viewing heights given the weather conditions!


    GWS v HAW.png
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  • Giant Strides

    Nov 23, 2015
    AFL Club
    Very difficult conditions out there today, so very hard to draw too many lessons for next week or the future more generally. But I'm pleased that we displayed good footy IQ in adapting to a style of play required under the circumstances.

    Of those who enhanced their position IMHO, Callum Brown showed good speed and kicking skills, and I'd be happy to keep him in the side as a medium forward for future games. Since he's coming to the end of his (extended) allowance as a Cat B rookie, we really need to make a decision whether to keep him or not before the end of the season.

    Jesse Hogan was one of the few out there whose marking capacity seemed unabated by the conditions. Phil Davis and Lachie Whitfield were two others who were impacted but seemingly less than most. Good to see both improving their games in the last few weeks.

    Fantastic opening goal from the boundary line by Tanner Bruhn, but limited impact after that. Probably at risk of making way for Jacob Hopper, with O'Halloran the other.

    The downside for me was (again) Nick Haynes. Really don't get why he's getting a guernsey ahead of Riccardi or even Derksen.

    I thought Flynn was solid on a day that was pretty difficult for the big guys.

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