Round 2022 SC Round 21 - Semi Finals Week

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Round 21 .....Semi Finals week in Leagues

Does it feel quieter this week ....almost seems like the calm B4 the storm (insert carnage)
Already we've had Wehr and Culley wiped from our bench's ....some of us are thinner on the bench, than Sam Darcy this week ....could we see some unexpected "ded" rookies on our bench, get a reprieve ......cmon RICH, you know ya wanta

Otherwise ......we just go with the flow from here

Keaton Canoe no paddle.gif

Memo: It would be greatly appreciated, if Piggy Oliver, Macrae, English and Witts could pull their collective fingers out

As for that Cameron clone from GWS, one Mr Mark McVeigh's not enough to say, the move fwd of Himmelberg, didn't work out as you expected .....i mean WTF man !!

De Niro killed house burned Angry.gif

Gee, I'm lucky I don't get emotional about SuperCoach :)

GC versus HAW
I mean for Touk Touk owners ya gotta put the (VC) on him home, on a rampage, against a HAW that's run out of beans
Sicily could see a lot of action .....but I think this game is about GC

Witts ....if you can't 💯 against ??? .....well, you'll hit my never again list

ESS versus GWS
You just wouldn't want to start Himmelberg fwd again ......not if you want any credibility as a Coach

I'm sure all Whitfield owners, pray each Thursday the hope he can get up for another game
Jelly, Cogs, Taranto, Greene .....GWS players are the bane of my SuperCoach Life wouldn't think, a team of stars could frustrate us so much, so often !

Parish back this week Shiel, no Caldwell could have foreseen Merrett's resurgence .....if you don't have Touk Touk, Merrett is the obvious backup (VC)

The Cattery is never a good hunting ground for Ruckmen .... Marshal owners, be afraid, very afraid !

You'd expect good rounds for Stewart and Sinclair .....can't see GEEL clamping down on Sinclair ....time for Stewart to go nuclear at home

NORTH versus SYD
Sydney will run amok .....or that's how the story should go ....Parker, Mills, Lizard, Lloyd, and McCartin should gorge on the Kangaroo's remains

Hall back, should provide some comfort for his owners .....who must really love self flagellation
But hey, I can't speak ....I own Whitfield ....there, I said it !
I also might have owned Hall, once or twice


BRIS versus CARL ( The Walking Wounded)
I've given up on Neale, the fraud .....used to be an automatic (VC) (C) I can't trust him

Cripps, who has terrorised me, since I traded him back to Oliver ...was noticeably wincing at the end of last weeks game .....just sore, or something else ?
Hewett out yet again .....and you'd have to say, unlikely for next week as well

It'll be an anxious game for CARL player owners ......Finals and Teams pushing for rankings ....and in the case of raymagoo looking to win the whole damn thing ....will be having nervous weeks

Good luck Ray, the Board is right behind you mate !!

WCE versus CROWS
Can you go past Laird as this week's (C) ?

Will be a boring game, even for us Crows supporters .....but Laird, and Dawson....should keep up the watchability of this game

Have a good round everyone
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I've actually been pretty lucky with rookies. Since I've run out of trades, seemingly dead Owens and Rosas have re-emerged. My other 4 rookies are loops. I traded Wehr over Rosas and now Rosas is back and Wehr is dead.

I shouldn't need to use them, provided I don't lose anyone on top of Hewett and Cogs. Would appreciate having at least 1 of them back so I can actually loop 1 my D7/F7.

Shame I've got a bunch of spuds on-field churning out rookie scores - looking at you Crisp and Short.

Maybe Tomorrow

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Dec 7, 2019
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I'm in a very unfamiliar place - where I still have a trade left :eek:

I'm still looking for some carnage at the selection tables to make this week more interesting :devil:

BTW - very quiet in here recently, so many posters have dropped off

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Tom Hanks Hello GIF

Happens every year at this stage - most come to talk trades, so when the trades dry up so does the talk.

Just us bitter enders here now 😍

Hava Alle

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Jul 10, 2016
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Do we reckon Owens does a similar role on Stewart that he did on Sicily?
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