Memberships 2022 St.Kilda Membership Thread (07/12/2021 - 35,154)

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Dec 4, 2000
The Bay
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Does anyone know if the club has set a membership target this year?

Looking good at the moment. I remember a few years ago we had the slogan 25 by 25th December and we are miles in front of that now
About 15 years ago to get anywhere near 20k before Christmas was a massive achievement. If the projection is correct of 62k+, that is incredible.

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Saintos The ITK

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Jun 6, 2010
Mount Isa
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The roll over does it for them now though. Before you've even thought about it you're signed up. I used to want to punish them for shaming me until February once upon a time.
They don’t have much luck with me. Last
Couple of years they had expired
And now
This year I’ve cancelled all my cards.


Aug 17, 2015
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On the club website........32,000 as of today.
Great numbers & not surprised. Hopefully we can put to bed the idea that we will lose members after poor seasons. Historically we have shown we do the complete opposite, so far this increase is expected. Looking forward to the end result - think 60,000+ will be the goal.


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Feb 21, 2004
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Say this every year, but increasing membership is well and good. Increasing it by more than the Clubs around us is the key. Watch Melbournes go through the roof now.

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