Under Age 2022 U16s (2024 Draft Cohort)

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Sep 21, 2012
AFL Club
How did Noah Yze go mate?

What type of player is he?
Was okay. He is already pretty developed so depends on if he has more growth. At this stage plays predominantly deep forward. The game was dominated by the Oakleigh midfielders.
Was speaking to one of the Sandy coaches and they were disappointed with how many u17’s the Jets, Calder and Northern were playing which was upwards of 12. It really skewed things for the KPP.

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Nov 4, 2010
Melbourne - Eastern Suburbs
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Further, who's who for both sides?


Team Captain
May 15, 2012
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2006 DOB players in 2022 WAFL Colts/PSA (Updated After Round 3)

Players to keep an eye on - Ali Al Shuweli (P), Marco Madaffari (EF), Jacob Calabrese (EF), Malakai Champion (S/PSA), Koopa Walsh (S), Xavier Hickey (S), Harrison Creighton (SD), Chayse Martinson (SD), Harry Jones (SD), Trent Hiscock (WP), Austin van der Struyf (CL/PSA), Bo Allan (PT), Lukas Jakovich (PT), William Akec (EP/PSA), Xavier Walsh (EP/PSA), Jaxon Artemis (SF), Lucas Ravenhill (CL), Otis Harvey (SD/PSA), Yeabsera Fasil (S), Harry Case (PT), Hugh Boxshall (CL/PSA), Baylee Payne (WP), Cody Ryan (SD), Mitch Bell (S), Caylon Seelander (S/PSA), Tom MacGillivray (S), Bailey Morgan (EF), Ashton Warner (EF/PSA), Cooper Moore (P/PSA), Colby McDonald (SD), Anthony Hansen (SD), Jaxon Douglas (CL/PSA), Kayle Gerreyn (WP/PSA), Tom Cathcart (SD), Kayde Sherwood (WP), Lancelot Griessel (WP), Darcy Petersen (PT), Deian Roberts (PT), Albert Esterhuysen (PT), Devan Wulff (EP), Will Thomas (CL), Lain Haunold (PT), Toré Nelson (S), Blake Russell (PT), Latrell Yarran (P), Declan Pauline (EF), Hayden Windsor (S), Bienfait Kihusa (EP), Joshua Jackson (SF)

Leader Board Games Votes Ave Goals Harrison Creighton (SD) 2 - 0.00 - Bo Allan (PT) 1 - 0.00 - Jacob Calabrese (EF) 1 - 0.00 -
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