Competitions 2023 - Closest to the Bin Competition (Free Kick Edition)

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Diff: +3
FF: 16
Noah Balta

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Sorry, I haven't done VS GWS yet! I'll get onto it.

VS Fremantle

Diff; -6
FF: 17

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Note to self: check two posts above

Spreadsheet updated!


Diff: -5
Frees: 10
FA: Prestia, Grimes (2)
- Tenacious T took out the win this week.

Vs Freo

Diff: -11
Frees: 7
FA: Baker 5
- We all won this week, as not one person scored a point.
Vs Saints:

Diff: -13
FF: 12
FA: Prestia, Macca, Grimes, Baker (3)

Spreadsheet updated!

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