Universal Love 2023 Doig Medal

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His best patch comes after round 16 so I expect him to bolt up the leaderboard. Thought schultz would be much higher than he is, and Ryan lower.
Schulz best patch coming up

Ryan was the consistent one all year so expected him here

My top 5 is gonna go close, Young might jump up into it though, finishes well

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Anyway leaderboard proving that Cox has not had as bad a season as you HATERS made it out. He gets injured now so the rest doesn't count.
I do wonder what some of these blokes have planned for after footy 🤣

I respect Clark not even trying to hide his beer, but hope there’s better drinks on offer then Great Northern tbh

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JL reckons we go to work on the contest over preseason

Lol, never would have guessed
I legit never want to hear this man say the word contest ever again.
Clubman is Josh Corbett

Wow its so obvious, how didn't I predict that one

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