2023 ICC Men's Cricket World Cup Game 21 India v New Zealand 22/10 1900hrs @ HPCA Stadium

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Daryl Mitchell has gone from bit part all-rounder to absolutely gun bat in all three forms so quickly its unbelievable.

Ravindra could be going down a similar path tbh.
Yeah, I'm going to be in NZ when Australia tour next year, and they have some batters I'm bloody excited to see bat live. Conway, Mitchell, and Ravrindra are all so watchable.
I was thinking that 250 would have been a good score after that terrible start we got but we should be aiming for over 300 now.

We will probably need a score closer to 350 to really challenge India.
Can't believe the nice guys are questioning the umpires decision here. What about respecting the umpires decision under the spirit of cricket?

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