2023 ICC Men's Cricket World Cup Game 6 New Zealand v Netherlands 9/10 1900hrs @ Rajiv Gandhi Stadium

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Doesn't Santner usually duck the last ball of an innings during a World Cup?
The Dutch would have to be really disappointed with those last 2 overs.... especially that last over. The last delivery (well, not quite last) free shot that went for 6, and then a follow up 6 on the follow up. That's 12 bonus points that should not have been.

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A dolly from Will Young but NZ get a run out a few balls later.

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I dont think there was conclusive enough evidence to suggest it did hit the gloves.

I would have given it on 1st look though.
Clearly bounced in a very sharp upwards trajectory off the first arm and daylight between the ball and glove/arm. Side view showed that pretty clearly, though couldn't blame a call either way in real time.
That was absolute stupidity that shot. He was going along fine, score ticking over, and plays that garbage. That's two wickets he's thrown away in this chase.

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