2023 ICC Men's Cricket World Cup Game 6 New Zealand v Netherlands 9/10 1900hrs @ Rajiv Gandhi Stadium

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Ironically, it was just a few moments ago the commentators were mentioning that if the Dutch wanted to transform into a true cricketing powerhouse then they have to start converting these 50s into 100s... right on cue, Ackermann throws away his wicket. That was more Australian-like :laughing:

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So, watching Ackermann throwing his wicket away with a stupid reverse sweep didn't deter Humperdinck. He must of been upset when he was dropped so then tried to get himself stumped. lol
I'm gob-smacked. I cannot believe he has gone and played ANOTHER F**KING reverse sweep. That is truly brain dead cricketing from the Dutch this evening.
Ryan Klein in at 9. A bit of Jy Simpkin about him.
Yeah, why not AGAIN, Humperdinck... it's worked so beautifully so far for your team tonight. This is like watching that ridiculous test where the Aussie batters all committed to sweeping the Indian bowlers until they got themselves out.
Much better from Humperdinck. Put away the reverse sweep, this is not the wicket for it. Has looked better since, pushing singles and the odd good shot. Much, much better. Keep it up.

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