List Mgmt. 2024 Mid Season Draft

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most clubs tend to just play 1 ruck anyway, so if we were any other club, cox prob would be the back up ruck playing vfl, and we'd use one of the forwards as pinch hit
I be fine with that

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I thought as a Cat B prospect can only play IF spot opens up from Long Term Injury List
It was cut in COVID I believe. I honestly think we should just ditch the rookie list and instead have a normal list. It makes no difference to anything but accounting.

If they want to encourage development players, increase mature age pathways and fund the state leagues more.
The way injuries are stacking up, increasingly there is a chance we draft for immediate cover.

Surely Teakle is the obvious selection given he walks in knowing the game plan and structure?

He makes sense from a future development point of view as well.

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You’d argue Richmond needs v ours are very different. Their season is cooked, so they would be willing to go less needs based as immediate impact is not needed.

Our lack of talk depth is a huge need, if only as coverage for this season. That doesn’t mean we draft a hack, but a serviceable ruck that at least could make a contest at AFL lvl as coverage wouldn’t hurt.

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