Preview 2024 Preseason: Hawks v Dogs in Tassie

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My observations:
  • Finn doesn’t have a role unless we are running a hard tag
Weightman was barely sighted when Finn was playing in the back pocket on him
There are legitimate concerns to take out of that game. Primarily our ability to apply pressure to the ball carrier when the other team is spreading the field. It was a problem for much of last year especially early in the season.

However writing individual players off based on a preseason game is a fools errand. It is not fair to chastise our defense given our midfield, bar Nuke's, refusal to show up. With our lack of options down there we will simply need better defensive pressure up the field to compensate. No point bitching about our KPDs, that's what we've got. Have to control what we can and make it much harder for oppo mids to deliver on transition.
There were also plenty of nice things to take from that too. Ginni and Wiz are gonna be very fun to watch. Frenchy will be a gun sooner rather than later. Cmac is an impact player. Impey looks in ripping knick. Mass is an insane user of the ball.

Excited for the real stuff to start. So glad the footy is back. Don't care if we go 0-22 I just love watching the hawks play. Not much is better.
We need high end talent - we just don't have it apart from Jai
Oh stop it. This is so melodramatic.

Aside from Amon the next 3 best today were Cmac, Cmac and Hustwaite. 20, 21 and 20. Day is 22. Ginnivan and Watson will be together for 10 years.

All of these can be high end talent, if not already.


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To be honest it was a result that looked like a side that had underachieved and probably should be pushing for top 4 beating a 16th placed rebuilding side. Viewed that way and with a lot of best 22 out and a totally new forwardline it’s hardly surprising. The midfield especially with Day back is good would love more CMac in there. Backline we know lacks a kpd and it will be interesting to see how long the Hardwick experiment lasts. Forwardline will be disconnected for first half of the year it’s totally changed and needs time to gel.
Thought Amon D’Ambrosio Ginnivan Mackenzie were our best today. Expecting a tough start to the year hoping we are a bit more competitive than that though. But it’s a year to get another 15 games into the youth and would even love to see them try Ramsden back even if just to give him senior experience.

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You'd hope we put the cue in the rack at half time. We can't afford anymore injuries really. Watch Sicily, he was going at 50% all game.

Who knows what we'll get R1. But you'd assume Weddle, Gunston and Morrison all come back into that side.

Hardwick has to go back. I can't see it working at present.
When you see someone like Sanders with great run, pace & agility going at pick 7, I feel we missed the mark going for two similar players in Ward & McKenzie with similar picks. Besides KPP players, the only thing we lack is run through the midfield.
Mackenzie was better than Sanders today

He's only 1 year older

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And a very bloody good one.

31 hitouts from 58% today against one of the premier rucks in the comp.

When Day, Newk, Nash and Worpel take advantage of that we’ll be hard to beat.

There seemed to be a real lack of connection between Reeves and the mids today. Lots of taps but too few to advantage. That has to change as he doesn't offer much else.

If he gets towelled up by Bryan in two weeks we have a problem.
Best part of tonight is no injuries.

I hope Worpel and Nash can flick a switch on when we get into the actual season as I can't say I've been impressed with either of their output in the praccy games so far.
I liked Mackenzie’s game, obviously started really well then faded in the second half but showing good signs that he is progressing and developing as we would hope he is.

I think Frenchy with a few more preseasons in the tank is just going to absolutely explode into stardom.

Has the skills and IQ. Just doesn't have the AFL body and 4 quarter endurance yet.
Keen on some observations around Ward. Thought he was quite underwhelming tonight. 11 touches from 73% game time
Not in the business of kicking a young fella around but he's better than that.

Where is he best suited?
Keen on some observations around Ward. Thought he was quite underwhelming tonight. 11 touches from 73% game time
Not in the business of kicking a young fella around but he's better than that.

Where is he best suited?

In the guts but I'm not sure if Sam will give him the keys yet.

Wing is a tough position to play when you're getting smashed in the middle and chasing tail all day. Hard to get the ball to the outside if we aren't bothering to win it in the middle.

He does a lot of defensive running which doesn't show up on the stat sheet.
Chol looked a million bucks playing against our defenders.

Shame he can't line up on them week in and week out.

Our KPD options are diabolical and need sorting out at the end of the year.

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