MVP 2024 Rd 12 POTY Votes - Blues vs Power

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BF Blues Player of the Year.

Post your votes for your best 5 players on the ground - 5 being your best, 4 second best and so on.

5. Walsh
4. Cripps
3. Weitering
2. McKay
1. Kennedy

Nominate a Best New Blue. These players are eligible as they have played under 20 games at the start of season 2024;
J Carroll, Boyd, Mirkov, Akuei, Cincotta, O Hollands, Cowan, Binns, Lemmey, O'Keeffe, Moir, E Hollands, M Carroll, Wilson, Monahan

BTW - Boyd, E Hollands, O Hollands, , Cowan, J Carroll and Cincotta are eligible for BNB this round.

Please post your own votes, quoting others will not count towards the final tally.


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5. Walsh - 33 disposals, 13 tackles, 8 clearances, 15 contested possessions
4. De Koning - 18 disposals, 28 hitouts, 8 clearances, 6 tackles, 8 score involvements
3. Cripps - 22 disposals, 2 goals, 6 tackles, 11 score involvements
2. Acres - 21 disposals, 1 goal, 3 goal assists, 8 marks
1. Nic Newman - 29 disposals, 8 marks, 4 clearances

BNB: Tough one. Kemp, Cincotta, both Hollands boys ... all really good. I'll go with Cincotta for being one of our best when we were doing it tough in the first half.
5. Walsh and the bozos in the game feed need to be made to wash their mouths out!
4. TDK
3. Cripps
2. Acres
1. Cincotta

BNB E. Hollands. Silk.
Yes, I know it should be Cinc according to my votes.

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5. DeKoning
4. Cripps
3. Walsh
4. Cinnotta
5. Acres
Another great team effort
Plenty more that were vote worthy
BNB Cincotta - Boydy brilliant as well

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