MVP 2024 Rd 8 POTY Votes - Blues vs Magpies

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BF Blues Player of the Year.

Post your votes for your best 5 players on the ground - 5 being your best, 4 second best and so on.

5. Walsh
4. Cripps
3. Weitering
2. McKay
1. Kennedy

Nominate a Best New Blue. These players are eligible as they have played under 20 games at the start of season 2024;
J Carroll, Boyd, Mirkov, Akuei, Cincotta, O Hollands, Cowan, Binns, Lemmey, O'Keeffe, Moir, E Hollands, M Carroll, Wilson, Monahan

BTW - Boyd, E Hollands, Cowan, and Cincotta are eligible for BNB this round.

Please post your own votes, quoting others will not count towards the final tally.


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