Autopsy 2024 Rd 9 Blues hold on in 1 point thriller

Who played well for the Blues in Round 9 vs the Demons?

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Alright, that's enough.

The next poster who thinks they should have a crack at an individual or a collective reaction to this game is going to find themselves threadbanned. Terms like 'bleaters' or 'shit posters' will see things escalated further.

Let's discuss our views on the match without getting the knives out, please.

Qtr Time Scores
5.0.30 - 0.0.0

Half Time Scores
8.2.50 - 3.1.19

3 Qtr Time Scores
11.4.70 - 7.6.48

Full Time Scores
12.5.77 - 11.10.76

Full Time Stats

Final Player Stats.png
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Play stodgy and 'not to lose' is the recipe in every sport to let opposing superstars win games. How often did Steve Waugh and Ricky Ponting a teams win games because their opponents played not to lose and a superstar took over. It's a stupid thing to do. Great first quarter. Tactically moronic afterwards. Just kept asking gawn or petracca to kill us

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