21/22 Gold Coast Draft & Trade periods

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Premiership Player
Jan 22, 2018
AFL Club
Gold Coast
Rory is being taken in the PSD yeah? So he doesn't count as a rookie pick.

So have picks 3, 21 and 33.

Yeah, Thompson should be picked up in PSD and McLennan in rookie draft. 2 rookie picks left if we want to use them - Casboult and ?

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Sun Stormer

Mature Age Recruit
Jul 27, 2018
Gold Coast
AFL Club
Gold Coast
It just tells you that most Suns supporters over-value academy kids.
Watch next year for Jedd Walter, Cody Harrington, Will Graham and Jared Eckersley to name just four. I'd be surpised if at least two of them don't go. Will and Jedd are still maybe too young for the draft but will be champs the following year if still underage.

The Victorian

Norm Smith Medallist
Oct 23, 2018
AFL Club
Gold Coast
Other Teams
Storm, Western Utd
couldnt get Josh Kennedy across the line..
but Casboult for about 1/8th of the price is a good a pick up as any.

Almost like for like 🤫
Yeah I am pretty happy with this pick up. When he plays, it will be great to see him and King in the same forwardline. Casboult has always had a good contested mark on him and it will take some eyes away from King to free him up.


All Australian
Jun 5, 2010
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
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La lakers Brisbane Heat
Nathan Freeman will train with the Suns during the preseason.



Sep 30, 2010
Ayers Rock, NT
AFL Club
Gold Coast
Other Teams
Tampa Bay Buccaneers, TB Lightning,


Brownlow Medallist
Aug 21, 2018
AFL Club
Love this. Apart from the Hugh debacle, we are actually looking pretty good list wise
If anyone deserved another chance, it's him. Was cruelled by injuries in his first few years. Never could get his body right for whatever reason. But maybe its because his body is more mature now, he has been injury free for years. And has dominated the VFL. His type of big body would go a long way

He's a lovely guy too. Met him at a U19 champs trial game a few months back.

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