Player Watch #21: Capt. Dyson Heppell - Recorded a message for members to say thank you

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Brownlow Medallist
Apr 20, 2011
AFL Club
He's been great but had a very poor patch. If he wants to take the next step he nails that goal running in and in the other situation he takes the 20m kick to Shiel on the boundary to kill clock instead of looping it to their ruckman in the centre of the ground

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Norm Smith Medallist
Aug 27, 2006
AFL Club
Worsfold seemed pretty bullish that Heppell would be right to go next week. That said foot injuries really worry me. They are either insignificant or they can be career threatening. I'd much rather a calf or a hamstring where at least you have a good idea what to expect.


Club Legend
Jul 8, 2014
AFL Club
Update on Dyson:
Essendon captain Dyson Heppell is a chance to return to the side this week for the Bombers’ important clash with fellow finals contender North Melbourne.

Heppell was a late withdrawal from the team’s 10-point victory over Sydney last week due to a sore foot, but he remains in the mix for selection to take on the Kangaroos on Saturday.

“Dyson has an unfused growth plate in his foot, he also has the same in his other side, which he eventually had pinned a few years ago,” club physical performance manager Justin Crow said on Tuesday.

“From time to time that gets sore. He was at the point at the end of last week where that soreness wasn’t at the point where we were prepared to put him into a game.

“We’ve given him a bit of time in the moon boot to see how much that settles this week and we’ll be testing him towards the end of this week to see whether or not he becomes available to play.”

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