Player Watch #21: Dom Tyson aka 'Tom Dyson'

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King Corey

Jun 9, 2001
Windy Hill Safe Injecting Room
AFL Club
North Melbourne
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St Johnstone
Thought we were feigned disinterest?

We're letting a contracted player with his best years potentially in front of him walk for a bloke the other club was actively trying to offload.

We surely should get something back with Tyson since Melbourne are the motivated buyer in this arrangement.

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Hall of Famer
Aug 22, 2012
AFL Club
North Melbourne
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West Ham United
I've been critical of this move as I feel he doesn't improve our midfield mix and doesn't give us the additional points coverage needed for Scott/Thomas, but welcome to North Dom, your best is very good and at worst, you'll be valuable depth leading our VFL team to glory.


Club Legend
May 8, 2017
North Melbourne
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North Melbourne
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... this is what we've been reduced to :(

On the bright side we do have a knack for picking up out of form players and making them good again. Fingers crossed


Team Captain
Jul 30, 2013
AFL Club
North Melbourne
I've come around to this trade. He has played some good footy as an inside mid.

At worst he's good depth, at best he improves our clearance work and allows us the flexibility to get Higgo onto a wing or into the forward 50 a bit more.

The only negative is that this is another hurdle in front of LDU, but if he's as good as most of us think (me included), he won't let Dom Tyson get in his way.

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Team Captain
Jul 5, 2015
AFL Club
North Melbourne
I am hoping that some of the on ballers like Higgins can play forward at the end of the year we looked like we had run of legs. Ahern needs a few preseasons and LDU is the same so this is a good pick up.

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