Player Watch #21: Dom Tyson aka 'Tom Dyson'

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Jul 19, 2020
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North Melbourne
I thought they might try and pay out his last year.Still on the list so lets hope he can get right and have a big 2021.
We had too many to delist so Dom and Atley survived as contracted.

Atley is hopeless but if Dom can stay fit who knows. We certainly need it.

Next year they'll be gone if we don't improve.

The Anvil

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Oct 5, 2004
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North Melbourne
We had too many to delist so Dom and Atley survived as contracted.

Atley is hopeless but if Dom can stay fit who knows. We certainly need it.

Next year they'll be gone if we don't improve.
Atley didn’t miss a game all season, suggests to me that the coach doesn’t see him as hopeless.

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Aug 24, 2002
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North Melbourne
I'm not suggesting he is a world beater, but at the end of the day he wasn't on the coaches s**t list all season.
I think we all see moments from Atley and wish he'd do that one extra something at times to break apart games more often but he turns up every week, stays fit every week and based on the amount he's been shuffled around he will do any job asked of him by the coaches to the best of his ability. I can see why he'd be at the back of a list of players you'd throw out while doing a massive rebuild. His skills are pretty neat as well. He's not that world beater that we all want but he's a known quantity. I'll be curious to see if he's pushed elsewhere as we firm up the backline again with some younger more skilled players. Still think his year as a defensive forward was probably one of his best as a team contributor and we could sorely use some defensive pressure up there.

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the Ziebull

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Nov 14, 2010
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North Melbourne

Dom Tyson is confident he's free of the calf issues that have hindered his progress in the past two seasons.

The skilful midfielder has played just three games during his time at North, but back to full fitness, will be pushing for more senior games in 2021.

“In a good spot at the moment. I’ve finally had a consistent run at training,” Tyson told The Age.

“I’ve got a pretty strict program in place. It’s been working well, so it’s given me an opportunity to at least get to the start line this year.”

The 110-gamer is training with the Roos' main group on Mondays and Fridays, as well combining pilates, time in the ocean and additional treatment in a bid to stay injury free.

He's been a strong performer during the club's intra-club and match-simulation over the past month.

“I’m still super motivated to play some good footy for the North Melbourne Football Club,” Tyson said.

“It hasn’t sat well with me that I haven’t really exposed myself to other players and fans and the coaches. I’ve got that inner drive, I want to get back to my best footy.”

Tyson has also reunited with former Melbourne coach Paul Roos, who has joined North as a consultant to its football department, Board and administration.

“Been good to have a familiar face back in at the club for me. He’s calm and measured as well. I think he’ll be a great link,” he added.


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Jun 4, 2013
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North Melbourne
What I have taken from this thread is Saintly is suspended. Again.

Here’s to seeing Dom out on the field again.
Yeah he was back for about 24 hours, after a one week break, and then got lightly baited into essentially making violent threats against another poster, and now I assume he's towards the end of a subsequent two week break.

And yeah, it will be good to see Dom able to actually plead his case. No idea how good he is these days, but it would be an outright tragedy if he spent what amounts to the majority of his contract injured and unable to even attempt to grab a spot.

I'm also glad North put this interview up, because the media (I think it was The Age) marketed it as yet another interview on Noble and didn't even touch on Dom's issues until the second half of the article.
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