Player Watch #21 Errol Gulden - born to play

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Sep 5, 2016
AFL Club
pick 32, we matched a bid from Geelong to secure QBE Sydney Swans Academy Errol. :) :)

Recruited from: Sydney Swans Academy / Maroubra Saints
Position: Small midfielder/forward
Height: 175cm
Weight: 75kg
DOB: 18/07/02
Cal Twomey’s draft range: 15-30

From AFL:
"No-one laid a glove on Gulden this year playing in Sydney, it was death by a thousand kicks," Twomey said.
From the Phantom Draft:
Hard-working, consistent, relentless, skillful and always busy, Gulden is a death by a thousand kicks type of prospect. He has a good motor and just works his way into games to be a regular ball-getter. He doesn't waste his touches and has a steady left foot, and can also play as a small forward, which he showed for the Allies last year and the Swans' Academy.

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Oct 9, 2001
Spitting Bars
AFL Club
Welcome to the Swans Errol! This kid is like if you put a firecracker up the ass of a Jack Russell.

Which is saying something for anyone who has encountered a Jack Russell.
As an owner of multiple Jack Russell's I will say a) that is certainly saying something about Errol's energy levels, endurance, and multiple other traits and b) stay away from them with your damn fireworks


Premiership Player
Feb 1, 2012
AFL Club
i wa a bit worried for a while. we took a long time to match. But we were probably trying to get better points. He is going to be a great player for us. He is hard a nails. He got 40vin a match this year so can accumulate. I don't give a shire how small he is. I saw some of the best rovers in the history of the game and they were smaller than him.


Cometh the moment
Jul 24, 2012
AFL Club
My first concert as a teenager was seeing Aussie Crawl play so I must admit I have high hopes for our cheer squad working on a new chant every time young Errol kicks a goal in the future. Looks an absolute goer, loves a goal and wishing the kid all the best. I think he'll make a great blood.

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hairy biker

Club Legend
Sep 24, 2014
AFL Club
One of the football highlights of the year for me was from Errol late in the game v GWS academy, back in August.

Overall for the game IMO was already in our top two (with Thorne).
Last couple of minutes 4th qtr, by today's standards a heavy ground, Swans well ahead, ball up near side hbf.
Gulden wins the clearance, handballing out, ball transfers to the other side of the ground, stoppage at hff, Errol wins the stoppage, handballing out.

Drive, endurance, skill. :thumbsu::thumbsu::thumbsu:


Brownlow Medallist
Apr 26, 2016
AFL Club
Is it just me or are the academy lads so much more verbally competent than most other recruits?
Could be that they're less overwhelmed/shocked at the time of being drafted. They're already familiar with some of the big names they'll be playing with, have possibly already done a few media things here and there relating to the academy, and also have a clearer idea of where they may be going if they're lucky enough to be drafted, so it's probably not as much of a 'wow' thing for them to now be AFL players.

But yeah you do get some non-Academy kids that really aren't cut out for the public speaking duties, namingnonamesollieflorent.

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