Delisted #21 Matthew Buntine - Inaugural Giant (Pick 5 2012 Draft)

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Norm Smith Medallist
Apr 30, 2011
AFL Club
Where is this guy at? previous pick 4? was injured for a while but havnt heard much?

He was pick 5 in the 2011 draft and at this stage hasn't lived up to his draft position, but to be fair he pretty much loss this year when in a preseason match against the blues he got smashed in a contest and ended up having a punctured lung and broken ribs. But currently he is injury free so hopefully he will get a good run at this preseason and we will start to see him making some inroads

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Giant Strides

Nov 23, 2015
AFL Club
Matt Buntine's time at GWS has come to an end. A courageous defender able to play on both talls and smalls, he showed his leadership ability by an early elevation into the AFL team's leadership group. Unfortunately, his courage resulted in a number of injuries, and his physical capacities have declined over the last few years, with younger players overtaking him. Thanks for your time at the club building it from the ground up, and all the best to you & Bessie in your future career and life.

Capture - Matt Buntine.PNG

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