Player Watch #22: Josh Caddy

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Punt rd end

Nov 25, 2015
Great Southern Stand
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in time of corona , dont get the marketing exec or physio prednant][sic]gabriel Garcia Marquez will come for you even tho the copyright is over 70 years so u can fuck that $h!t up
I'm sorry but I don't get what you are saying


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Aug 21, 2009
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I very much want Caddy in but the existential question is where to play him. I don't see him as a half back flanker where there would appear to be an opening at the beginning of the season at least. And as an aside, Markov must be having nightmares wondering whether he made the right call to leave for more playing time when he did. The only apparent potential spot in the scoring half of the field seems to be Rioli's position but Rioli plays a very different role. It's a good problem for the selection committee.

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Jul 22, 2016
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Fred Perry Black polo shirts with yellow piping and crossed oak leaves on the breast is the favoured uniform for the Proud Boys regarded as an extreme right wing ultra nationalist political movement and strong anti feminists.

(My understanding so feel free to correct me if I have any of that wrong).

The owners of the "Fred Perry" label first requested that Proud Boys stop wearing and promoting their polo's and then withdrew that particular shirt from sale, when the request was ignored, not wanting their brand to be associated with the Proud Boys group or philosophy.

I'm guessing Caro really isn't the Proud Boys type of woman (ie one employed to give strong opinions).

I have a similar RFC polo, black with yellow piping (X2) around the sleeves. Instead of the oak leaves mine has the Tigers logo. I confess I'm less sure about wearing it out now. I doubt the club uses Fred Perry lol
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