Player Watch #22 Nick Blakey - bid received at pick 10, matched by the Swans

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Jul 27, 2011
New Plymouth, NZ
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Why stop at pi to 2 decimal places ? Cover the entire jumper.

To avoid recurring fractions it might be good to use mixed fractions rather than decimals, eg, 33 1/3 (suitable for a long playing career). We could use imaginary numbers for over-hyped debutants (eg, i37 for a Goodes wannabe) and negative numbers for spuds. Perhaps Swans could elect to use only Prime numbers or really large numbers in scientific notation. Why stop at Pi ? We could use other constants too. Grundy could just have a huge G on his jumper to indicate the universal gravitational constant 6.67 x 10-11 (sorry no superscript)

I also think Aliir would look good in Zero, an especially cool number to have or the coolest of all -273 (degC), (absolute zero, 0 degK, everything in the universe frozen)

Finally, think how all this may help to develop more interest in Maths and Physics among young footy fans. Imagine the scene on the tram on the way home from a game.


"Dad, how come Blakey is now wearing the number 22/7 ? And wouldn't it be better as a decimal ?"

"Well son, it's a close approximation to Pi and is part of the new Swans jumper number policy to get fans into maths, and it would be impossible to fit on his jumper if it were written in decimal"

"Huh, why's that ?"

"Because it's a recurring fraction. It would stretch to infinity"

"How big is infinity Dad ?"

"Infinity is the number of touches Mitchell would have needed in the NEAFL to get a senior game from Horse, according to some BF posters"

"But Dad, that's completely irrational"

"Try telling some BF fans. No son, 22/7 is perfectly rational as it recurrs. Irrational numbers neither terminate nor recurr"

"Like pi ?"

"Of course. Everyone likes pies, especially at the footy. What's not to like about a chopped rat in boiling hot gravy and covered in sauce ? A cold beer in one hand as you juggle the overheated pie half still in its bag in the other, eyes fixated on the game in front of you don't notice the vulnerable young girl sitting below you with her dad. You raise the pie carefully to your face, peel back your lips like a horse grasping for a carrot and take a tentative first bite, scalding your mouth and causing the pie to fall into your beer even as a burning lava of gravy escapes and drops squarely into your crotch. You stand up screaming and slosh pie flavoured beer down the back of the girl in front but just then Buddy marks inside 50 and the whole crowd roars as one, drowning her cries. Her screams go ignored as her dad fixates on Buddy lining up for his shot. You grab this chance to sneak away and find a spare seat in GA."

"No, I meant like Pi"

"Oh sorry, yes, Pi's a great example of an irrational number"

"Gee Dad. I love Maths almost as much as I love footy"


Sorry, am I off topic on this ? I tried to mention Blakey.

OK. I'll see myself out.
If only jumper numbers meant something, Goodes could have played forever because he'd always be in his prime.

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