Player Watch #23 Buddy Franklin

How long will Buddy play for Sydney?

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Superstar swan

Brownlow Medallist
Jun 16, 2012
AFL Club
I think the penny has finally dropped at the club and they now know they cant just roll out buddy every week with no preparation. Getting surgerh asap is a big improvement on last year where he got it done right on the eve of the season

MC Bad Genius

Norm Smith Medallist
Apr 15, 2008
AFL Club
i dont buy the needed him to play to see what he needed fixed s**t longmire was going on with, but was good to see him play
I think it would've played a part. Pretty much every player plays through injuries and he was coming back from a soft issue injury so there no way to properly assess the impact of any other injuries except to get him into a full training load and the best way to do that is to prepare him for a match. If he knew he wasn't playing there would be some psychological reason he wouldn't train as hard.

I'm not saying there weren't a bunch of other reasons to play him, but it wasn't total crap.

And in the end, they made the right decision. Was the best match of the season to be at and gave our retirees the perfect end to fantastic careers!

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Big Blood

All Australian
Jun 27, 2010
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Other Teams
Also father-daughter.

If he/she grows up in Sydney then good luck to Hawks trying to extract them.

Unless for some unfathomable reason they decide to follow in mum's footsteps as model, TV star, celebrity.

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