Player Watch #23: Harrison Jones

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Jul 26, 2016
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I only mentioned Roo and Richo as the style of play - not replicating the players themselves.

People over-analysing it need a chill pill.

He'll be a lead up forward who can tire an opponent out.

If he leads we need to hit him up as his hands and feet are quite good - Lucas was a skinny minny in the magoos for a while before he filled out and got his games. But he won't be a Lucas clone.

If we give him the ball he generates space behind him for people to run past or for forwards to lead into hopefully generating more 1 v 1 for the likes of Stewie, Tippa and Stringer (Package especially 1 v 1 wins more than most) = better scoring opportunities - our scoring ability and entries has SUCKED.

Will he be a big unit KPF? no. Can he still be a threat? Yes. He'll run his opponents ragged and if you aren't marking him or showing any respect he can burn you and kick a goal or get involved setting one up by hand or foot.

Not as big a size as Mitch Brown was but has a bigger leap and mark and more speed and the way he holds the ball in one hand (big dukes) is unique. He could probably add 5-8 kgs eventually.

Will he kick bags? No. A powerful unit? No. But having an athletic Forward he could be an X-factor. The more variety a forward line has the harder it is to match-up. The more mis-matches you have in your favour the better it works for us. Coaching 101.

Look at the variety of 93 - that was the beauty of it. One super giant, a medium playing as a tall CHF, and a bunch of smaller/medium types who had uncanny goal sense.
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Nov 8, 2015
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Everyone needs to chill on this kid! Having had known H personally, He’s one of the top blokes going round. Very diligent and motivated person, expect him to get everything out of himself as a player. He has never been the forward to kick bags, but is a smart footballer and finds ways to impact the game with his engine. Maybe once he fills out he’ll kick more, but as a junior it was never really part of his game..
All that being said, he hasn’t played a game yet! So chill out! He’s literally just about the skinniest bloke we’ve ever drafted, so naturally, especially in a KPP role he’ll take time to get games. Cool ya jets


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Jul 4, 2011
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BZT is the first player on an AFL list that can't break 5 seconds (for 20m sprint)
Could be worth a shot bzt has good speed of the mark so could cause some problems
So, putting those together, BZT has good speed off the mark, but slows down pretty badly in the 10-20m range.

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Jan 22, 2008
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He's the only Harrison Jones in the AFL now. No confusion. No chance of Harrison Jones dispossessing Harrison Jones and Harrison Jones kicking a goal.

The Donners

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Apr 26, 2007
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Reminds me a little of a young Jarrad Waite. Very skilful.


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Jul 6, 2002
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Reminds me a little of a young Jarrad Waite. Very skilful.
Should be good in about 12 years then.

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