Senior 23. Jacob Weitering - 2020 John Nicholls Medallist

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All Australian
Oct 3, 2015
AFL Club
I am thrilled for Jacob. Thoroughly deserved! Should have been All Australian too.

and obviously, prognostications on a player’s career are hard to get right (I’m sure I’ve got plenty wrong). But if a bloke is in his second year, and it isn’t quite coming together, maybe just hold off on the career obituaries for a little bit.


Sep 26, 2004
AFL Club
Other Teams
Well done Weiters - thoroughly deserved on the back of a fantastic season.

Has developed into an outstanding footballer and we haven't seen the best of him yet.

And the end of the yr i would seriously consider trading Weitering would get a very goid return from sides like pies, bulldogs
We have a backline full of slow KPPs and Weiters is the worst of them. There are your stats.
What is his worth if we traded him this year?

2nd round? SOS has a history of drafting goliath forwards. Weitering could be a monumental mistake.
I've got serious concerns that he is just too slow to play on a man, getting schooled by Mundy is not what we paid pick 1 for.

If we could get a top 10 for him in this draft, I'd trade him, we can rookie Sam Collins from the VFL as a replacement and draft a mid.

Not what any if us wanted but got to be honest on the list
Weitering is a 3rd tall at best not aggressive or athletic enough to play as a KP.

That 2015 draft was prprobably the worst in recent memory. Only Curnow, Oliver, Rioli, Mills, Burton and Gresham are worth note. Weitering wouldn’t be in the top 10 of that draft if it was repicked
Based on the fact he cannot win a one on one contest , and doesn't win any footy - not so sure about that
Thoughts and prayers are with you all on what must be an incredibly difficult evening.

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