Player Watch #24 Dane Rampe (c)

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Jul 29, 2015
General Santos City, Mindanao
AFL Club
Other Teams
Persis Solo, Davao Aguilas FC
Where is the show pony Harley when we need him. He should have been front and centre standing next to Rampe. I am actually starting to feel for the bloke. He shouldn't have to front the media by himself without a club representative alongside of him. And apparently he is a member of the union. So good on him. By the way all you Rampephiles Ted and myself are still the only volunteers to pass the hat around. And even Ted's doing it on the cheap. Seriously its time for the club and the players to answer the druggies and whingers in Melbourne in the old South Melbourne way - off the boot with a big win in Tassie.
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