Player Watch #24: Tom Powell - oink oink - extends contract until end of 2024 - 4th in AFL best 1st yr player

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Jul 1, 2014
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North Melbourne
yeh but as someone said above, not if you redrafted tomorrow. I'm pretty sure that's the point.
spot on. On sen last Friday they were talking about how SA players were of high value because of there ability to play last year but they said last year Powell didn’t play under 19’s or something like that? And that would have impacted recruiters decisions. They went onto say had COVID not affected the games and he played in the U/19s or he would have gone at 8 or lower.


Norm Smith Medallist
Sep 20, 2018
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Even if you redrafted tomorrow, he's not going more than 10 spots higher.

I mean, we took another mid before him ffs.
If you were sitting at the draft table with the next pick and were deciding between Powell and Phillips with all that we have seen this season, which way would you go?

I suspect if there was a redraft, Powell would be at least in the top 8.


Team Captain
Oct 28, 2020
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North Melbourne
The big surprise was Adelaide taking Pedlar at 11.

Early days, but Bruhn & Powell would have been rated above him on basically all talent orders IMO (bar Adelaide's LOL).
which is odd as there were rumours, boarding conspiracy, that Adelaide were aware of Powell and we almost trying to hide him from national recruiters in the lower levels of the SANFL.


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Dec 23, 2012
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North Melbourne
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No you don't.

A top ten pick is the most valuable recruitment tool there is.

There's no steals in the top 10.
Joel Selwood would be declared a steal when he went at pick 7. Especially after most recruiters (obviously not Geelong) were scared off due to the knee fears

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The Anvil

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Oct 5, 2004
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North Melbourne
They both look great. Powell more advanced initially, sure, but Phillips will be on the same level very soon.
They both just add something to our overall midfield mix. Don’t get the comparison need.

What both have in spades though is time and vision in the contest. Outside of Cunners that’s been a rarity at the Roos for years.

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Brownlow Medallist
Mar 24, 2011
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North Melbourne
Powell clearly for mine based off exposed form. He looks complete whereas Philips hasn’t shown an outside game and looks tentative. But year 1 so much to play out.

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Given Powell has smarts in spades i guess he didn't have to rely on developing as much,his best work was in traffic nad with his spacial awareness didnt have to rely on strength as much. Phillips looks like more of a LDU case where he may need to develop a bit to show his junior form against better bodies. regardless it great to have both,


Jul 18, 2021
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Strange debate over semantics. Steal v lucky break v good value. The point trying to be made is that he was pick 13 and on exposed form looks is currently in the best half dozen players in his draft.

Call it what you like, but Powell was a great pickup and very few people would give him back in return for a draft pick later than 6.


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Jul 24, 2015
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North Melbourne
Yeah with pick 13.

So if he ends up better than WillPhill (pick 3), LDU (pick 4), TT (pick 8) and Jy (pick 12) then he's a bloody steal..
That is a big if tho. Some good players there.

If he ends up better than Campbell, Hollands, Perkins, Pedlar (especially) and Bruhn or even some of them I'd consider that a bit of a steal too.

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