Player Watch #25 Ben Ronke - future triple Coleman medallist

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Mick Oxlong

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Oct 27, 2007
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Edwards has played AFL games.

I could give you a list of past reserves players who have disappeared for long periods of time with no news of their whereabouts from the club.
Not for us and he's still a rookie! So technically you've just fed us (well, whomever you responded to) a shovel load of bullshit in your quote below! So which one is it?
If you're a Swans player on the rookie list you don't get the privilege of being placed on the injury list. It's like they never existed in the first place.


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Sep 27, 2001
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Liverpool, NSW
I'm not sure why you're trying to pick a fight over such a trivial matter, but I'm not surprised.

I didn't say all rookies don't get put on the injury list. There's been a proven history of rookie-listed players in the Swans history who have not been put on the injury list by the Swans.

My point was Shaun Edwards would be more familiar to the average Swans fan than Ben Ronke. Just like a few years ago Ben Haren (remember him, probably not) played the first few NEAFL games and never played another game for the rest of the year. No news, no mention, no injury list, nothing. Or Eugene Kruger in mid 2012 (remember him?) didn't play NEAFL for about 6 games, and then came back. No mention of what happened to him.

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