Player Watch #25: Jake Stringer - Moonboot off, just bruising - 25/3


Norm Smith Medallist
Apr 20, 2011
AFL Club
Looking very fit, a fit and firing Stringer will be huge for us next year and could make the difference to us finishing high next year.
Fitness aside but I think the biggest thing we need over this pre season is continuity,especially in the forward and mid groups.
Daniher havnt played in a forward line with Stringer and Fantasia hasnt had a great run last year either. The mid group has another new addition and people are going to be fighting for minutes.

As positive as 2019 is looking we still have a large degree of uncertainty in our lineup which was one of the major excuses for last years start. We cant use it again and we will have to be on from round 1 from a chemistry level.

So as long as Jake is completing as many sessions as possible and the whole group is staying out of the rehab group I dont mind too much if they arent absolutely peak fitness just yet.

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