Rookie 26. Luke Parks

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Oct 20, 2020
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Hooker kicked 5 on Jones, Tippa kicked 4 on Plowman and whoever was on Stringer let him have 5 scoring shots too.

I think most the hype on Parks is about his mongrel and attack on the footy, but I do agree with you to some extent. It's clear that our defence has some work to do.

We rank 6th in the league for points against, yet 5th in the league for points for. We have the potential to do some real damage.
Might want to check our I50 against stats instead.

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Mar 1, 2005
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He's definitely raw and makes mistakes but his role makes the team better and his competitive nature and 2nd effort shows there's a serious player emerging in a place of need
People smarter than me, say that the tigers arent the most mistake free club going around, but their pressure and competitiveness is what sets them apart.
Players like Cotrell, Parks, Silvagni, Fogarty, Stocker, Owies, Walsh, ed, dont play error free football, but bring the fierce attack on the ball and the opposition players that perhaps will make the difference.
We all have been saying that our players, whilst skillful, lack aggression and are introverts, but I believe we are transitioning from that , and adding players like Parks and Cottrell in particular is part of this process. They are setting a standard for the better (skill wise) players, and that will lift their intensity as well. Call it culture, or whatever you like, but it is an essential element IMO


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Jul 16, 2014
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He's a beauty that's for can tell he wants to play and has an aggressive side which we need badly....his efforts will inspire those around him and maybe the standard all players need to aim for...(imagine what he'll be like after another preseason or 2)...

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