Player Watch #26 Riley Collier-Dawkins

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Jan 14, 2020
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I think everyone was just aching to see this kid play, and last night showed just why. He is of course a long way off his best, but what impressed me is his ability to stand up to the hardened and mature bodies of possibly the best midefiled in the competition. 11 contested showed he has ball winning ability, and it works against the best. I hope to see him get a run of games, as we will play some easier teams and we should be able to see glimpses of the best that he can offer. My dream is that he turn into a player who can stand up on tackles and dish the ball off, or break through them. With his height he would be a great option as a dangerous Mid/Fwd as well, if he can work on his marking craft. Overall pretty pleased to see his first game. Well done RCD

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Dec 28, 2007
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Richmond 2019 Premiers
Gave us 14 disposals 3 marks 5 tackles 1 I50 5 clearances 10 contested possessions & 11 effective disposals from 69% TOG. Solid start and should get him a chance to run around again next week.
5 clearances 10 contested possessions & 11 effective disposals from 69% TOG

That against what is the best midfield group in the comp

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Aug 30, 2011
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RCD had most CBA last night for Richmond with 15 and all 5 of his tackles were at stoppages.
Raises a question on what we do with him if Prestia comes back or he doesn’t have a good matchup? His lack of versatility might hamper him in getting heaps of games this season.

Anyway just some speculation, was great to see him finally get a run.

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Jun 30, 2018
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Dimma summed him up really well I thought. Some players don’t show much at VFL level but when promoted to AFL level, they just look natural.
I think Riley is one of those types, did not look overawed at all
This^^^^^^ x 1000.

its harder to play in the VFL sometimes than it is to play in the AFL.
why? because mentally players lift gears when faced with the prospect of playing afl footy and when playing with their peers, they rise to the occasion.

RCD really impressed me last night. Super effort. Hope he gets a good run. Same with mansell.

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