Player Watch #27 Justin McInerney - pick 44, welcome to Sydney


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Sep 20, 2006
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Was a strange selection based on his NEAFL game. I mean he showed enough to suggest he could make it as an AFL player in the future but his play and positioning was on the loose side and against AFL level players was always going to struggle.

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Jack's gone to have his back, crack and sack waxed
Aug 16, 2006
South East England.
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I follow no other, only Swans
Did you watch the Grand Tour?

Maybe a Sierra Cosworth
Don't mind the car shows but Jeremy, like his namesake at Hawthron, is becoming a bit old and tired. I have a fond spot fot the Mk 1 GT Cortina. My Dad bought one for my mum for a couple of hundred bucks as it was a bit of a wreck. In Grade 6 I wagged school and gave myself a driving lesson around the property. If I'd been caught I'd have been roasted. Man could that thing do a bunny hop.

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