Senior 27. Marc Pittonet - Will he keep Kreuzer out of the side?

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Brownlow Medallist
Feb 8, 2012
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Aston Villa
I've been on the phone with Marc and he is very excited this week, he sees it as a real opportunity to turn the MCG into a colosseum.

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Mar 1, 2005
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Welcome aboard. I'm going to have to start charging for admission soon.

With Josh I saw a kid that just does way too much well to be going in the rookie draft. He has just about everything going for him, but he's inconsistent and has struggled to bring his strengths out on game day.

The talent though is very clearly there. He has it in spades. And if a professional environment can iron out that inconsistency, we have a serious player on our hands.

I wasn't as big on him as I was Kemp or Philp, but he represented obscene value in the rookie draft. I would have been comfortable enough with him in the second round, very happy in the third. As the 67th picked kid? Get the fu** out of here.

Kemp. Philp. Honey. It still makes me smile. And you'll all see why soon enough.
What are you doing at the end of the year? We could use you for this next draft

The Bighouse

Norm Smith Medallist
Jun 28, 2009
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Are you a mind reader?

This is exactly what I was thinking but didn't drop it in because Williamson was selected in the ND and not the RD.
I didn't know much about Williamson at all, but through his first pre-season, I thought; Who is this guy and why was he taken so low?

I also thought the same about Macreadie, but I now fear that it just isn't going to happen for him.
And still no sign of Macreadie in the practice matches or on the injured list. A pity.

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