Senior 27. Marc Pittonet

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Brownlow Medallist
Nov 4, 2003
Earth, near Carlton.
AFL Club
Other Teams
Tennessee Titans, Tottenham Hotspur
Got absolutely torched for his speed off the mark tonight. I'm a big fan of TDK, but he's at a severe disadvantage in terms of developing as a physical presence at stoppages.

This guy is not going to develop as a power athlete either, so we've basically squandered numerous opportunities to draft and develop a genuine ruck option for the future, right as we might start to need one.


Oct 2, 2007
AFL Club
I like this trade.

Went alright for Box Hill, and they're a decent VFL side. Runner up in their BnF this year, and 4th in the JJ LIston.

23 years old with 5 years in the system, and it's about the time Rucks start to kick on.

For a late junk pick, and seeing as Ruck was one of the areas we needed to sort out, this trade works for me.
Finally nailed a prediction!

Took me 13 years.


Brownlow Medallist
May 22, 2011
The Naughty Corner
AFL Club
Happy with this.

I know he has a few critics, and he may not be good enough to be a #1 ruck, but that's OK. Perfect kind of guy to have for list management.

You only need top line ruck (max two), then a couple of cheap guys that will happily(ish) toil away at VFL and then be able to step in and do a decent job at AFL level when needed.

I see Marc as that perfect backup ruck guy.

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Carl Tone

All Australian
May 7, 2014
AFL Club
He's still young in ruckman years and considering he's had a stack of games where he's won ruck taps by a mile, if those taps start going to advantage De Koning will be fighting hard for his spot. In that scenario, we'd have the best ruck duo in the league - a crash 'n bash and super athletic.

Kings of Lygon

Senior List
Aug 31, 2021
AFL Club
A very good signing IMO. He's an AFL standard ruck who is a big body and still young. Plenty of improvement left.

Pitto is a bit rigid and limited in that he's a pure tap ruck, but we are very light in this area and TDK will need support/back up for at least another two seasons.

I think Marc could surprise a few, just needs to stay healthy.

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