Past #27: Will Walker - delisted end '21 - 6 NM games/4 NM goals - go well Walks

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Istanbul Roo

Club Legend
Nov 7, 2010
AFL Club
North Melbourne
From Snoop Dog's Phantom Draft
# 34 Sydney


Former soccer player who has had a super impressive finish to the year at TAC level including their finals where he absolutely dominated some of their games. He is athletically tall mid who I think will fill out pretty well and has some resemblance to Josh Caddy at a similar age. Very good at winning the ball inside the contest, he is exceptionally clean with his hands and propels his team forward. Can really rack up the touches and has a really nice feel for the game. Equally can go forward as he did this year and kick 2-3 goals and often in pretty quick succession. There are some questions on his kicking and having watched him a lot I get it but equally some of his ball use is very good. He probably just needs to bridge that gap but he has the tools to do it.


Jul 14, 2014
AFL Club
North Melbourne
Other Teams
Tottenham, Melbourne City FC
In those video highlights he looks like really aggressive. Looks like he love to make contact with his opponent and doesn't mind feeling it either, willing to get his hands dirty. Looks dangerous forward as well and someone who is difficult to lay a glove on in congestion.

Don't mind those highlights at all.

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